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Thomas Chase Immigration is based in the City of London


Who is Thomas Chase immigration?

We have over 18 years’ knowledge and extensive experience of handling different immigration applications, on behalf of the Home Office and for private clients and companies.


Why choose Thomas Chase Immigration?

What makes us special is our ability to help our clients clearly understand their immigration options, so that immigration no longer feels like a complex minefield. And we hold their hand through each step of the process.

Our track record and client reviews support this.

In fact, we do not advertise heavily precisely because of the recommendations and repeat business we receive from local and international existing and previous clients.

So get in touch with Thomas Chase Immigration and see how we can assist you.


How can we help you?

We offer:

  • 30 minutes’ telephone consultations offering detailed immigration advice

  • Assistance with immigration and nationality applications

  • Assessment of an immigration prepared by you

  • Document checking service

  • Visa chasing service

We offer private and business services.

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