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Who are Thomas Chase Immigration

We care about helping you. We get to know your circumstances so that we can give you the best advice.  We have extensive immigration  knowledge to share. And we know how to apply that knowledge and expertise in your interests.

Why choose us

We care about delivering. We don’t overpromise and under deliver. We can’t promise you a visa; we are not the Home Office. But we don’t deliberately under promise so that we can over deliver. We deliver the service that what we say we will, by setting out the expectations at the very beginning of the process.

We are professional, friendly and contactable. We are there for you each step of the way. We keep you informed throughout the process, so that you don’t have to keep chasing us for updates or because you feel lost, forgotten or unheard. But we don’t want to keep chasing you either.  

That’s why we set out the process at the beginning of our interaction and update you at each crucial milestone. That way you can feel confident about the progress of your immigration matter.

Our track record and client reviews support this. In fact, we do not advertise heavily precisely because of the recommendations and repeat business we receive from local and international clients.

And that’s it. We take the complexity out of immigration, not just by helping you understand the law and your options. We also do so by making the application process as smooth as possible.

We provide

Quality personalised immigration advice

Timely, responsive client services

Step-by-step support to make the process smooth 

So get in touch with Thomas Chase Immigration and see how we can assist you.

We offer

Premium telephone consultations providing detailed immigration advice

Assistance with immigration and nationality applications

Assessment of an immigration application prepared by you

Document checking service

Visa chasing service

We offer private and business services

Immigration application

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    Community Support

    Thomas Chase Immigration support and regularly donates to  St Christopher’s.

    St Christopher’s Hospice promotes and provides highly skilled and compassionate palliative care to patients and support to their family members.

    They are reliant on more donations to continue their excellent work.



    What Others Say

    Corporate INTL Global Awards Winner 2021: Immigration UK Visa Consulting Firm of the Year in England

    Corporate LiveWire Innovation& Excellence Awards 2020 Award Winner: Immigration & Nationality Consultancy of the Year 

    Global Advisory Experts 2019 Award Winner: UK Visa Consulting Firm of the Year in England 

    Global Advisory Experts 2019 Award Winner: UK Visa Consulting Firm of the Year in England 

    Corporate Immigration & Relocation 2019 Award Winner: ‘UK/EEA Family Permit Support Advisor – London’

    SME News 2019 Greater London Enterprise Award  Winner: ‘Best Immigration Consultancy – London’

    SME News 2018 Greater London Enterprise Award Winner: ‘Best Family Immigration Consultancy – London’

    See below for the latest client feedback and testimonials received by Thomas Chase Immigration:

    Maheshwari Patel
    Maheshwari Patel
    Thomas Chase Immigration were absolutely first class. We were completely overwrought at first by the complexities involved, but we were carefully guided all the way, and Carla personally took all the stress out of the application process. Totally professional and we thoroughly recommend them without hesitation. Maheshwari and Andrew.
    Kenny Ouyang
    Kenny Ouyang
    Absolute amazing service! My skilled worker visa application went very smoothly because Carla and the team were so professional and helpful. They guided me through every single step and constantly provide supports and suggestions to make sure everything goes well. Highly recommend their service!!!!
    Shaneeka Powell
    Shaneeka Powell
    I know first hand how difficult and expensive it can be to find a competent and diligent lawyer. Carla has been amazing and I would recommend her firm.
    Owen Perry
    Owen Perry
    We used Thomas Chase for a family visa application back in 2018 and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional and efficient service!
    Claudia Taylor
    Claudia Taylor
    Excellent professional service, made a very stressful process seems easy. Carla is very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. I can't recommend Thomas Chase Immigration enough.
    Eddie Fernandez
    Eddie Fernandez
    TCI (UK) was very professional in the way they took care of all our documentations and advise on how to go about our UKVI procedures. Everything went so smoothly as long as you have all the relevant documents in place & order. We were guided in the entire process and very happy to have got acquainted with Thomas Chase. I highly recommend their services and assistance to make your life easier. Best of Luck.
    Sven Hoeling
    Sven Hoeling
    Thomas Chase helped us applying for the EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit for my wife. We had applied ourselves beforehand but never heard back from the UKVI which resulted in a lot of frustrations and a delay of several months. Carla from Thomas Chase was not only able to quickly get the passport back from the UKVI, but also supported us throughout the process of preparing and submitting a new application, resulting in a successful outcome! Carla was very supportive, responsive and professional throughout the entire process. In addition, the fees were lower than at a lot of other agencies we enquired about. We highly recommend Thomas Chase to anyone who needs help with their UK visa applications!
    Hafiz Didarali
    Hafiz Didarali
    It was amazing working with Carla to get my mom''s Eu settlement scheme visa permit done, who was very patient on every bit of the process and took good time and care to update and advise on every bit of the process. She made sure very bit of confusion is cleared about the application and kept the process stress free and effortless. Would very much make use of her advise and service in the future and recommend Thomas chase for all kind of immigration issues.
    Carles Esteve Costa
    Carles Esteve Costa
    My experience was just perfect. They are fast, flexible, understanding and most important, they totally know what they are talking about. All my doubts were perfectly addressed and now I am 100% sure about how to process with the visa. Incredibly good value for money.
    Eleonora Ragni
    Eleonora Ragni
    Immigration is not for the faint of heart, especially when your entire family, future and children depend on it and you are not wealthy. Luckily, there is life at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Carla, her professionalism & humanity. Whatever you are going through with immigration, never give up, and do not hesitate one minute to contact Carla. Money worth spending. Solicitors won't give you the same quality for money and will treat you as a number, rather than a human being. Take it from someone who has been through the mill...

    ‘I would like to say thanks for all your kindness since the very first contact, even without officially working together, you were absolutely kind and helpful when I asked about my EEA family permit’ – Residence card applicant


    ‘We got the permit!! Thank you so much for staying in touch, guiding us through the process, and preparing very helpful documents such as the cover letter’ – EEA family permit applicant and EEA spouse

    ‘Fantastic news! I am a British Resident as of last week! I wanted to get in touch and thank you for all your help in this process! It was really instrumental in getting all information together.’ – Assessment of British citizenship application for EEA national
    ‘I just wanted to let you know my application was successful! I submitted my application online on 11.09 and my documents a few days later. The confirmation letter I received on 18.10., so just about a month later. Today I went to the ceremony so I’m officially British now:-) Thanks for your help again’ – British naturalisation applicant using our Application Checking Service

    ‘It’s true you ‘take the complexity out of immigration’ :).  Every aspect of the process went very smoothly and your knowledge and experience was very reassuring.  All in 6 weeks – couldn’t have asked for more.  Thank you.’ – Family member of an EEA national and residence card applicant 

    ‘We are extremely happy and have you to thank for it, thank you for your guidance and patience’  – Residence card applicant

    ‘Once again, thanks so much for your time and valuable input.  You helped make it a watertight application :)’– EEA family permit applicant using the Application Checking Service

    ‘Again, many thanks, we couldn’t believe how quickly we now got the positive response and the permit! We are very happy!’ – EEA family permit applicant and EEA spouse


    ‘It has definitely been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you for your guidance and patience throughout this stressful period – your knowledge and services have been truly outstanding and have helped us tremendously. We couldn’t have done this without you!’ – EEA family permit applicant and EEA spouse

    ‘I just wanted to let you know that I have returned to the UK after successfully receiving my EEA Family Permit in Toronto. Everything went perfectly and I had no problems at all. I wanted to thank you for all of your help, time and guidance. You definitely gave me great advice and were a key factor in the approval of my application.  Thank you so much for all of your help.’ – EEA family permit applicant

    ‘I wanted to thank you for all your advise and kind efforts you have been fantastic and we couldnt have been more grateful and happy for the visa in such a short period of time.’ –  Sponsor of UK spouse visa application

    ‘Thank you again for all your help and patience. You made a very stressful and overwhelming process much less so :)’ – UK spouse visa applicant

    ‘Carla has a wealth of experience and patience in explaining the maze of immigration to people like myself with little or no experience’ – HR professional in Aberdeen

     ‘Many thanks for assisting with a very stressful process’ – EU Permanent Residence client
    ‘We really appreciate the guidance and quick turnaround’ – Spouse of overseas applicant

    ‘Thank you so much for the support and guidance’ – British sponsor for UK spouse visa


    ‘Thank you very much for your consultation. It was very useful for me’ – British nationality client


    ‘Thank you so much for your outstanding help and work!’ – British sponsor of UK spouse visa  application


    ‘Thank you. You have been fantastic in your communication and everything’ – EEA family permit applicant


    ‘Thank you for all your help, we were so fortunate to have you and we appreciated all your hard work and your care for us’ – EEA family permit applicant and sponsor