EUSS Family Permit Applications

EUSS family permit

Family members from outside of the of European Economic Area (EEA) may apply for an EUSS family permit to join, or accompany, their EEA family member. We have received a number of queries about the EUSS family permit and the difference between the EUSS permit and the EEA family permit. So of course, we thought we would post a blog post on the subject in case there were others seeking clarification about this and about the requirements.

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Marriage Visitor Visa – What is it and when should you get one?

Thomas Chase Immigration - UK Spouse Visa

I received a call from an applicant who wished to travel to the UK to marry her partner currently based in this country and was considering applying for a marriage visitor visa.

Mary had searched (and searched) the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) website and thought she had everything pretty much sussed. Her partner, Jonathan, also searched the internet and they were both agreed on what they both needed to do and began completing the online application form.

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EU Settlement Scheme Application

EU Settlement Scheme Application

The EU Settlement Scheme application enables qualifying nationals to continue their residence in the United Kingdom (UK), after the UK left the European Union (EU) (also known as ‘Brexit’) and the transitional period.

Since the Scheme was officially opened, we have received a huge number of questions about EU Settlement Scheme applications. So much so, that we decided to put together the key questions and answers in this post.

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