British passport fees rise for the second time in 14 months

On April 11 2024, British passport application fees in the rose by 7%. This marks the second increase in 14 months. This follows a 9 per cent prise rise in February 2023. Both online and postal application fees have risen.

For adults:

For children:

Passport typeOnlinePost
Adult 34 page standard passport£88.50£100
Adult 54 page frequent traveller passport£100.50£112
Child 34 page standard passport£57.50£69
Child 54 page frequent traveller passport£69.50£81
Adult born on or before 2 September 1929FREEFREE
British passport fees

The British passport fee increase has faced criticism due to its “spectacularly bad timing” given the strain that the cost of living crisis has placed on the British public. Further, newly naturalised applicants would have experienced steep visa fees and costs, much of which have recently increased. British Passport application fees are even higher if you apply from overseas or require a passport urgently.

The passport application process in the UK is no stranger to criticism. Delays caused by the pandemic, between January 2022 and September 2022, saw 360,000 customers waiting over 10 weeks to get their passports. The 10 delay week continued in 2023 and parts of 2024. HM Passport Office has now stated that British passports will be processed within 3 weeks unless additional checks are required.

The government argues that it does not profit from passport applications and insist that the latest rise is necessary to  ensure that income from these applications better meets the cost of delivering passport and associated operations, reducing reliance on funding from general taxation. It is worth noting that UK revenue receipts are centrally allocated. Individuals government departments do not retain the funds that it raises. This means that the Treasury will collect all British passport receipts and decide the proportion to be given to HM Passport Office to enhance services.

How do British passport application and renewal fees compare to other nations across the world?

The most expensive passport fees in the world are as follows:

  1. Australia £192
  2. Mexico £142
  3. Sweden £126
  4. Switzerland £117
  5. Italy £113
  6. USA £109
  7. New Zealand £107
  8. Chile £106
  9. Canada £104
  10. Japan £96
  11. Turkey £92
  12. UK £88.50
  13. Greece £84

Passport fees across the globe for standard adult passports:

Standard Adult passport:

  • Spain £28
  • Luxembourg £50
  • Spain £28
  • Pakistan £45
  • Ghana £30.60
  • Jamaican £75
  • South Africa £25.39

Written by Mya Alghali

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