Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extensions

Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

Joshua’s Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension application was due to be submitted matter of weeks. He had set up a business and invested funds in the UK and was keen to continue to make the UK his home. Joshua was keen to get assistance from a new immigration adviser so as to ensure that the application progressed as smoothly as possible. Below, we set out how immigration requirements and steps taken to prepare the application and secure Joshua’s visa.

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Right to Rent Checks

Right to rent

Landlords form part of the Government’s plans for maintaining effective immigration controls.  As a result, landlords, or their agents, must carry out immigration right to rent checks to ensure that a tenant or lodger can legally rent the residential property in England.

Here, we provide guidance to landlords on the right to rent checks to be carried out, and the follow-up checks required, in order to stay compliant with immigration laws.

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Brexit latest: Brexit, Trade, Sovereignty and Immigration

Thomas Chase Immigration - Birexit

The UK government looks set to trigger article 50, the formal notification of its intention to leave the European Union (EU). Once triggered, the leaders of the 27 countries within the EU, must unanimously agree how to extricate the UK from the myriad of shared EU regulations by way of transitional and new arrangements.

Two years after article 50 is triggered, the United Kingdom (UK), according to the Lisbon Treaty, will no longer be a part of the EU. What are the implications of Brexit to UK trade, sovereignty and immigration? And how are they linked?

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Immigration Compliance Audit for HR and businesses: 3 ways an audit can help your business

immigration compliance

For employers and HR professionals sponsoring Tier 2 highly skilled workers from overseas, immigration compliance is crucial.

Immigration compliance does not stop with the initial identity checks made when a candidate starts their employment with a company. Rather, it is a continuing duty.

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