Myth Busters: 3 Common UK immigration myths dispelled

Immigration is the most salient topic in contemporary UK politics. As a result, the topic is often shrouded in myths in misconceptions.

Popular media outlets often peddle exaggerated narratives about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. These narratives can influence public discourse and state policy. Exaggerated narratives about immigration in the U.K can be very harmful to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

The UK is no stranger to anti-immigration sentiment, myths and ‘hysteria’. In fact, increased anti-immigration sentiment in the UK represents a European wide shift towards anti immigration policies and discourse.

As the Conservative government grows increasingly keen to fulfill their promises of reducing both net migration and illegal migration, they have not only amplified their unfair portrayals of migrants, but have also implemented harsh and unfair policies onto legal migrants.

A key example of this are robust changes made to the Health and Care Worker visa under Home Secretary James Cleverley’s ‘5 Point Plan’. Under this plan, individuals entering the U.K as care workers and senior care workers under the Health and Care Worker visa category can no longer bring family dependants with them to the U.K. or sponsor them to join them in the U.K. Experts warn that the ban will place further pressure on the already understaffed NHS and care system.

Robust changes have also been made to the spouse Visa and the Skilled Worker visa.

Given the rise in anti-immigration sentiment and policies, it is vital to separate fact from fiction.

In todays visual myth busters blog, we dispel 3 common myths about immigration in the U.K.

Written by Mya Alghali

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