Outlining the U.K’s new ‘5 Point Plan’

What is the 5 Point Plan?

On Monday 4 December 2023, the British Home Secretary James Cleverly unveiled a robust proposal to cut net immigration to the U.K in the form of a ‘5 Point Plan’.

Apart from the Health and Care Worker Visa reform, which is already in effect, all other major changes announced in the plan are set to come into effect this Spring subject to parliamentary approval.

 They consist of the following changes:

  • Individuals entering the U.K on a Health and Care Worker Visa can no longer bring family dependants with them to the U.K. or sponsor them to join them in the U.K.
  • From 4 April 2024, the minimum salary requirement for an individual entering the U.K on a Skilled Worker Visa will increase from £26,000 to £38,700 per annum.
  • From 14 March 2024, the 20% going rate discount for occupations on the Shortage Occupation List will be scrapped and replaced by the new ‘Immigration Salary List’. The new Immigration Salary List will contain a significantly reduced number of occupations.
  • From 11 April 2024, the minimum salary requirement for an individual arriving in the U.K on a Family Visa will rise in stages from £29,000 and is set to reach £38,7000 by early 2025. This is a significant jump from the current rate minim income threshold of £18,600 per annum.

The Graduate visa route is set to be restricted. The Home Secretary has asked for an independent review of the Graduate route in order to prevent abuse.

Where are we now?

As of today (12 March 2024), the only change that has been implemented is the reform made to the Health and Care Worker Visa.

The four other changes set out by the 5 Point Plan; the skilled worker visa, the family visa, the shortage occupation list and the graduate visa are set to be implemented later this spring. However, as stated above, the implementation of the changes laid out by the plan are subject to parliamentary procedure.

By Mya Alghali

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