Brexit, Settled Status & EU Nationals

Thomas Chase Immigration - Brexit, Settled Status

The UK government has set out its negotiation position with the European Union (EU), on the future status of approximately 3 million EU nationals currently exercising Treaty rights in the UK. The published information provides an outline of the government’s position on a ‘new settled status’, but is very short on detail. Here, we review the latest government proposals and their possible impact for EU nationals and their families.

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Overseas Visitors and UK Healthcare

We look at overseas visitors to the UK from the EEA and non EEA countries and and access to healthcare

It is holiday season and millions of travellers from all over the world are expected the visit the UK. Most visitors will have adequate medical insurance. Yet what happens if your travel insurance doesn’t go far enough or you don’t have travel insurance at all, but require healthcare?

And what impact will rule changes have from October 2017. We answer those questions, and more, in this post on overseas visitors and healthcare.

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3 Simple Steps to Confident Right to Work Checks

Work visas UK

Right to Work checks can cause HR professionals and businesses no end of stress. Get it wrong and the Home Office can impose heavy (and sometimes crippling) fines or civil penalties of £20,000 per unlawfully employed person. A sponsor licence can be suspended and then there is the reputational damage and at worse, criminal convictions of up to 5 years for serious offenders.

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